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Where do you transport to & from?

Our main travel path, is to and from the UK and Turkey, via EU Countries

What payment methods do you accept?

Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer, as this shows directly into our accounting software, making invoicing simple.

How is my pet supervised?

From handing over your fur baby to us, and meeting them at the journeys end, your pets are supervised 24/7.. all pets are walked four times each day, with cuddles, treats, and brushed daily, we have sleeping facilities on board, as we sleep with the animals in the vehicle, and not in hotels. we have no dividing panel between the drives cab and the animals, as we travel as a pack, we have temperature control front middle and rear, with cameras covering the pets while in transit, the vehicle has minibus air conditioning for summer, and night time cab heaters for winter, so we can all snore comfortably together lol

What will my pet be fed?

The choice is yours, we have high quality dry and wet food on board, and we never use cheap animals feeds, our babies get the best, and so should yours. We have coolers on board in case your pet needs special foods, or you can simply supply your own dry or wet food to you liking.

How long will the transportation take?

Just for an example, when traveling from Turkey to the UK, with no traffic hold ups etc, it takes approximately 84 hours into the UK, plus delivery time to your door,

When are you next available?

For an accurate timescale of dates and availability, please contact us direct from the home page, or contact us via the links available though out the website.