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Why choose us?

exemplary professionals

From being a very young age of about 6/7 years old, we have never been without animals in our lives, from cats and dogs, to ferrets hamsters and birds, amongst other things lol, i have over 50 years experience of handling dogs, from both pets to working dogs, with street animals and working with capture neuter and release in Turkey, having the ability to read an animals body language and yes facial expression, has saved me many a nip on the nose, or a left hook from Felix the cat. We feel having years of experience of being around animals, as well as being animal lovers, is a massive help when transporting peoples fur babies, as the animals get a sense of security immediately in our presence, we provide a holiday camp adventure for your pets in transit, and on delivery many try to continue the journey with us, instead of staying home with you lol, we feel this makes us professionals in what we do.

24/7 pet supervision

From handing over your fur baby to us, and meeting them at the journeys end, your pets are supervised 24/7.. all pets are walked four times each day, with cuddles, treats, and brushed daily, we have sleeping facilities on board, as we sleep with the animals in the vehicle, and not in hotels. we have no dividing panel between the drivers cab and the animals, as we travel as a pack, we have temperature control front middle and rear, with cameras covering the pets while in transit, the vehicle has minibus air conditioning for summer, and night time cab heaters for winter, so we can all snore comfortably together lol

competitive prices

When we started our company back in May 2016, we had a vision to continue as long as our heath allowed us to do so, we worked out a business plan to enable us to provide the best services possible at a reasonable cost, which would allow us to put money back into the company for up to date vehicles, and comfort for the pets on board, we have always kept our prices the same for everyone even family, we never slash prices to fill or fund our travel, we feel by keeping our prices reasonable and the same for everyone, it shows our loyalty to past present and future customers, and fur babies alike, we don’t just take the money for today, as our reputation and your opinion of us, is of the upmost importance

Who We Are & What We Do

who we are

We are a UK registered limited company. Since starting holidaying in Turkey in 2006, we soon learned that the street animals of Turkey needed help, we have worked with street animals and charities to ease the suffering where we can ever since, We are a family run business that saw the need for a pet transportation company who knew their way around Turkish laws and culture, also people being able to discuss their baby’s needs, with the actual person who will be transporting their loved pets, this is easily possible for me as i am to and from Turkey each month. Our own pets are part of the family and are more looked after than ourselves!!!

Our Prices
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