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Animal Welfare

We hold a WIT (Welfare In Transit) Type 2 Transportation Licence as well as Vehicle Approval Documents for our vehicles, which are fully air conditioned.

Before picking up your pet we ask you to complete our booking form which will be kept alongside each animal for the duration of the trip informing us of your pets needs, and personal info. This allows us to personalise our care of your pet in order to ensure that they have a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

We provide all our pets with non-spill water bowls for the entire journey and feed each pet to your specific requirements. Cool boxes are fitted in the vans for any special food or medication required for your pets. Your pet is welcome to travel with its own bed or blanket for comfort, but we provide Non slip matting and blankets in each cabin as standard.

We will also walk your pet four times each day to ensure they get enough exercise. Alongside this we regularly make a fuss of them and spend some time with each animal individually to provide some companionship.

We can give you regular updates about our progress throughout the trip andĀ  send pictures via ourĀ Facebook, group chat, this makes you part of the emotional journey where everyone joins in , this way you see your loved ones en route.

We usually travel to the Uk and Europe via P&O ferry’s, this is usually a pleasant journey for everyone, and as we have animals on board we are allowed access to the vehicle through out the journey, we also use the Euro tunnel if in our opinion the ferry crossing is too rough, all the animals are exercised before the ferry, where usually a photo shoot takes place.

Your fur babies remain supervised 24/7 other than the ferry crossing, we have facilities to sleep in the vehicle with them, sometimes the dogs snore more than we do.

We keep a comprehensive list of 24 hour vets and licensed kennels within the van at all times in case of emergency. we also have medicines and first aid kits on board in case of bee stings etc

RAC fleet breakdown is our choice of breakdown cover for Europe and the U.K.